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The Coal Mining Museum

The Coal Mining Museum is located in the basement of the museum. On your way to the basement, you will also pass through some other exhibits as well!

Pony MineCoal Mining Museum - One of the few coal mining museums in the country, our exhibits include a large collection of photos, two walk-in replicas of coal mines, a scale model replica of the Diamond Mine, a scale model of a mining camp and a scale model of the mining town of Mystic, circa 1907. Many artifacts are on display, and the documentary, "The Last Pony Mine" can be viewed in our theater.

ISU Exhibit - Iowa Southern Utilities headquarters were located in Centerville for many years. It was a driving force in securing the Interurban during the first part of the century and was a major employer in the area for its duration here. Now, it has evolved into Alliant Energy, but there are still many jobs here in Centerville.Coal Mine



Transportation Room - Roads and railroads, interurbans and bicycles, there have been many forms of transportation over the years. Several items related to transportation are located here, plus there are two exhibits planned for this room - The Crash of Continental Flight 11 and The Southern Iowa Railway.

Morman Trail Exhibit - A large map defines the two routes taken through Appanoose County, and a few artifacts are on display. It is said that Brigham Young took over as head of the Mormon Church at a ceremony at 'the ring of rocks', here in Appanoose County.

Coal Mining